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Hue and Cry

Dr and the medics were created in 1982 at the dawn of the 80’s by The Rev Dr Clive Thomas Jackson.

As the band were only formed towin a £5 bet and do one show they used the first name that came into their heads, Clive was already DJing as “The Doctor”hence “Dr and the Medics!”

However,one gig to led to another and they soondiscovered that their unique blend of Psychedelia, Glam and Punk Rock was finding an ever-increasingaudience.

So much so that by 1985 The NME named them as “THE live band of the year!”1985 also saw them top the then highly respected Indie Charts,with their “Happy butTwisted”E.P.

The band’s next chart successsaw them top the charts in the UK and 28 other countrieswith “Spirit inThe Sky”, their signature tuneand the song that they are best known for the World over.

Often seen as One Hit Wonders the band did get to number 22 with their next single “Burn”, however The Dr still likes to wear his“One Hit Wonder”badge with pride,making them the only One Hit Wonder to have had 2 hits!

The band have since continued to tour and gig extensively, their current set consists of much loved 80’s covers(All given the unique Medic’s treatment)and Medics originals from both the past and present.

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